Dangerous items

Dangerous items

If your products are dangerous goods belonging to the ADR 8 (corrosive) or ADR 3 (flammable liquids) categories, they can be stored in our warehouses without any problem.

In 2017 New Docks has set up an area dedicated to the storage of flammable liquids (ADR class 3).

It is a space of 320 square meters, where it is possible to store about 350 pallets of flammable liquid products of ADR class 3.

The area was built in compliance with the highest safety standards on the market, using construction materials that offer the best protection against potential fires and spills:

- slabs of calcium silicate (type "FIREGUARD25"),

- REI240 fire cut walls on which a water repellent and fireproof paint was applied,

- barriers to contain liquids in the event of accidental spills,

- UNI 45 wall hydrants, equipped with hose, three-phase lance and foaming liquid.

These safety measures complement the ESFR Sprinkler system (Early Suppression Fast-Response) and the smoke and heat evacuators already present in all New Docks warehouses.

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